Cen.grand Digital Media Technology Co., Ltd. was founded by senior audio engineers and specializes in the design and manufacture of high-end audio products. We have rich experience in audio and video products and have designed and produced many excellent products. Cen.grand is a famous hifi brand in China.


        Digital audio series products are the main products of cen.grand  such as audio DAC, DAC headphone amplifier, media player and so on.  DSD DAC is our most advanced product among them.

9i-92SA (Second generation) DAC/headphone Amp/Pre Amp

Based on the 9i-92sa "golden thrush" first generation, include the second optimizing of the DAC output buffer , redesign of the earphone circuit and learning from some design of dsdac1.0 . The audio performance of the Second Generation is significantly better than the First. The process level and the appearance has been greatly improved, the height has been reduced. The voice style of the Second Generation has been widely recognized and is known as the representative model within 10000 yuan. The Second Generation has made great progress in the purity and density of sound. At the same time it has maintained the outstanding characteristics of musicality like the first generation and has strong competitiveness.

DSDAC 1.0 (standard model / Super clock model)

. .DSDAC1.0 is a high-performance audio DAC based on DSD theory. It is completely different from ordinary DAC because it has many original technologies. It does not use conventional chips for DA conversion but FPGA and discrete components for digital processing . . .Dsdac1.0 can increase the frequency of all input data including PCM or dsd128 to dsd1024. If the input data is higher than the dsd128, you can also output it directly without increasing the frequency. DSD frequency raising algorithm is a very complex mathematical process, dsdac1.0 does a good job. . .One year after the standard model was launched,the super clock model was launched. Performance is futher improved

DSDAC 1.0 (deluxe model)

DSDAC 1.0 deluxe model is a new product developed on the basis of the standard model by optimizing the clock system and making major modifications to the circuit. Like the Standard Version, it is different from the ordinary DAC. It opens up a new mode of audio DAC with a number of original technologies. Its high-precision DSD frequency raising algorithm solves the playback problem of dsd64 perfectly. The synchronous direct clock technology enables the built-in femtosecond clock to be transmitted to the shift register directly, so that the femtosecond performance can directly improve the analog signal quality. The clock blocking technology completely isolates the front-end clock, so that the clock of the front-end no longer becomes a factor affecting the sound quality.
2021 Beijing International Audio exhibition
2019 Guangzhou international AV Exhibition
2019 Siav Show ,Shanghai



       This column mainly introduces Cen.grand 's product evaluation. Some are user experience, some are the introduction of senior experts in the industry, as well as media articles. We will select some objective evaluation introductory posts here.
       Rational and pragmatic introduction will help users understand the products in more detail.

.      Audio technology is an interdisciplinary technology which  is closely related to many fields such as electroacoustics, materials, machinery, communications, especially art.  It looks simple but  contains many complex theories.

       We will publish some articles here. Some are original and some are quoted. We hope to give readers some enlightenment in order to get a deeper understanding of the audio.


9i-AD "Final Edition" won the "Silver Jubilee Award"


    At the Guangzhou International Audio Records Exhibition in 2018, Guangdong Radio and Television Station.

9i-92SA "Final Edition" won the "Silver Jubilee Award"


    At the Guangzhou International Audio Records Exhibition in 2018, Guangdong Radio and Television Station.

9i-92SA "Golden Thrush" starts selling


It will bring beautiful sounds to headphone users along with its younger brother:9i-90sa" Lark".

What new products will appear at the Shanghai Siav Expo in April?


Please pay attention to this exhibition..