R & D plan

R & D plan

R & D plan


Product name : DSD DAC

Product model : DSDAC 1.0

Estimated time to market: 2019-8


      This product uses the most advanced digital audio technology: DSD up-conversion technology, synchronous clock technology and clock isolation technology.


        We spent three years solving a number of mathematical problems before we developed the algorithm for DSD upsampling. This DAC can convert the input DSD/PCM digital audio signal up to DSD1024 before DA conversion. At the same time, the clock in the digital signal is discarded, replaced with a local high-precision femtosecond clock, and sent directly to the shift register of the DAC.


       We use the FPGA + resistor array to form the DAC architecture. The US circuit is an XMOS with ground isolation.



Product name : Balanced Power Amplifier

Product model : 9i-938/958

Estimated time to market: 2019-5


     The 9i-938/958 consists of three parts: a preamplifier and a 2* mono high power amplifier. It can output 1000W 8 ohms in mono, with powerful driving capability. The prototype has been unveiled at two shows, driving large high-end speaker demonstrations and achieving good results.



Product Name : Pure audio HIFI media player

Product model : To be determined

Estimated time to market: 2019-12


       A media player based on a new high performance platform. It has great innovations in data processing, clock, anti-jamming, etc., and has powerful expansion functions. It is an audio playback system with platform features.




Product name : hifi network video player

Product model : To be determined

Estimated time to market: 2019-10


     It inherits the tradition of superior audio performance of the 9i series media players, combining audio and video performance to support not only 4K ultra-clear but also high-performance playback of DSD audio. Being the source of the home audio and video center will be the best choice.