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. 9i-80S DAC is a follow-up model of the previous generation 9i-60S DAC. . 9i-80S replaces DAC chip on the basis of 9i-60S, replaces AK4495 with WM8741, adds USB interface, and uses XMOS second generation products as USB digital interface.
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Product description


      The 9i-80s audio decoder is a superior hifi product. The structure is WM8805+ dual AK4495SEQ+ discrete device analog output circuit. USB uses XMOS second generation XU208+CPLD digital processing. Supports coaxial, optical, BNC, AES, I2S, USB input, coaxial support 24bit/192KHz PCM input, USB supports DSD128 and PCM384.


      The WM8805 is an excellent digital receiver chip with a 50ps jitter parameter and is second to none in a 192K digital receiver chip. Due to the difficulty in the development of the chip, it is rarely used by manufacturers. Cen.grand has developed this chip perfectly. In the past 8 years, all products with digital reception have adopted WM8805, which has achieved high performance.


      AK4495SEQ is a popular DA chip, its sound style is warm and gorgeous, the music feels good, the analog output voltage is nearly 1V higher than the average chip, with better dynamic and analysis capabilities. The 9i-80s uses a two-piece AK4495SEQ design. Each 4495 operates in mono mode. The two sets of outputs are used in parallel, and the density and analysis capabilities of the sound are significantly improved. The AK4495SEQ has four digital filtering modes. The sound is slightly different in different modes. Users can select the different digital filtering modes to get the sound that suits them.


      The USB part adopts XMOS's latest XU208 solution, which is the second generation of XMOS solution, which is the first in China and supports DSD128/PCM384. In order to improve performance, the CPLD module is specially designed for digital and clock processing. The specific features are as follows:


    1 The USB part uses XMOS's second-generation XU208, and the kernel version is XCORE-200. The XU208's memory is twice as high as the previous generation XMOS chip U8, and the computing speed is 1000MIPS, which is twice as high as the U8's 500MIPS.

    2 A low-jitter CPLD (additive jitter is an order of magnitude lower than FPGA) has designed a low-jitter clock system; CPLD is fully responsible for local audio clock system management.

    3 XMOS and CPLD are perfectly matched. XMOS's high-speed processor only processes USB data, while the digital audio part is exclusively handled by CPLD.

    4 CPLD with autonomous algorithms. The use of advanced source synchronization technology and de-jitter shaping technology to quadraticize the XMOS output waveform can further eliminate the additive jitter caused by the XMOS pin.



      It has an I2S input interface that can be connected to the I2S output of the cen.grand 5i series player, skipping the digital receiving section and transmitting digital signals on the fastest channel.


      The 9i-80s is simple and simple in style, simple in operation, excellent in performance and excellent in music. It is a good choice for music and audio enthusiasts and PCHIFI players.



               Performance parameter


       Maximum audio support specifications: 

                  Spdif input ----- PCM192

                  USB input ----- DSD512 PCM384

      Dynamic range: 115dB

      Signal to noise ratio: 115dB (A weighting)

       Frequency response: ±0.03 dB (20-20KHz A weighting)

      THD+N : -107dB (fs=96KHz /1KHz A weighting)      

      Dimensions : 430mm * 75mm * 240mm(WHD)

      Power supply : AC 220V-230V  50-60HZ

      Net Weight   : 6.4kg

      Total Weight : 8kg

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