DSDAC 1.0 (advanced version)

DSDAC 1.0 advanced version is a new product developed on the basis of the standard version by optimizing the clock system and making major modifications to the circuit. Like the Standard Version, it is different from the ordinary DAC. It opens up a new mode of audio DAC with a number of original technologies. Its high-precision DSD frequency raising algorithm solves the playback problem of dsd64 perfectly. The synchronous direct clock technology enables the built-in femtosecond clock to be transmitted to the shift register directly, so that the femtosecond performance can directly improve the analog signal quality. The clock blocking technology completely isolates the front-end clock, so that the clock of the front-end no longer becomes a factor affecting the sound quality.

DSDAC 1.0 (standard version)

DSDAC1.0 is a high-performance audio DAC based on DSD theory. It is completely different from ordinary DAC because it has many original technologies. It does not use conventional chips for DA conversion but FPGA and discrete components for digital processing . Dsdac1.0 can increase the frequency of all input data including PCM from dsd128 to dsd1024. If the input data is higher than the dsd128, you can also output it directly without increasing the frequency. DSD frequency up algorithm is a very complex mathematical process, and dsdac1.0 does very well.
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