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R & D plan

R & D plan



Project Name :   hifi audio media player

Product Model :   GLD 1.0 / GLS 1.0

Estimated Time to Market : 2024-4


      Based on the high-performance platform, with a innovative advanced technologies in audio data processing , don't use USB asynchronous audio data transfer protocol,  multi channels support, orignal transmission mode of audio data and clock via two routes........


     It may be the best mode of audio data processing.


    GLD1.0 is purely a digital player without DAC whereas GLS has DAC. 



Prototype at GuangZhou High End Show 2023




Prototype at BeijJing High End Show 2023









Prototype at HongKong High End Show 2023






Prototype at GuangZhou High End Show 2023 Winter Special Exhibition














Project Name :   Integrated Amplifierr

Product Model :   9i-909

Estimated Time to Market : 2024-5



It is a scaled down version of 9i-938/958. Fully balanced amplifier. The power is 600W.





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