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9i-806 “Little Silver Fox" headphone Amp
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9i-806 “Little Silver Fox" headphone Amp

9i-806 "Little Silver Fox" headphone Amp is simplified version of 9i-906 :Silver Fosx". Most Advantages of 9i-906 have been preserved but the price is lower than it. Very good value for money.
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Product description
        9i-806  headphone amplifier is "Little Silver Fox".  Both it and the “Silver Fox” are intended to drive monster-sized headsets. Its circuit architecture originates from a large power amplifier.  After many redesigns and adjustments, the "Little Silver Fox" has finally become an excellent headphone amplifier.   High analytical, high density and neutral without tendency, especially power driving force, make it leader in similar products . Whether high sensitivity or low ,high resistance or low , dynamic earphone or flat panel headset, "Little Silver Fox" can adapts to them by it's super driving ability and quality. It can show the characteristics of headphone more than normal headphone amp. 


The difference between 9i-806 and 9i-906:


           1:  9i-806 uses potentiometer  for volume contrl and 9i-906 uses Volume IC Muse72320+  OP Muse02

           2:  9i-806 use a smaller transformer than 9i-906.

           3:  9i-806 use some cheaper components than 9i-906.









1: Introduction:


       9i-806 "Little Silver Fox" is a headphone power amplifier with high performance,  strong power supply and high current output.  It's circuit design is complex and perfect ,  4 pairs of  high-power British FET are used in output part , the output power is 30Ω/15W.   Ultra low sensitivity  headphones can also be driven with excellent audio performance.



       It has four output modes: Normal, Balanced(BTL), Virtual Ground(Active G) and Parallel, as well as three low resistance modes and one high resistance mode. A variety of headphones can be matched .




       It has two  balanced and two unbalanced inputs . Even if you input an unbalanced signal, the internal circuit will convert it into balanced signal .  Therefore, even if you input an unbalanced signal you will also get the maximum output power.

       For the best sound quality, a balanced input is highly recommended unless you only  have unbalance signal. 


      "Little Silver fox" has four output interfaces: 4 pin XLR balanced, 6.35 single X2 , 4.4 balanced as well as double 3 pin XLR balanced .







2: Operating instructions:


     "Little Silver Fox" is a pure headphone Amp and the operation is very simple.   There are only several function keys:  power switch, input selection, output mode selection ,  high/low resistance selection.


         Long press the out key to switch between high and low resistance modes.  There are four kinds of headphone impedance options for choice :  high resistance, low resistance 1, 2 , 3.  You can selected any mode according to the characteristics of the headphonet as well as sound quailty you hear . High resistance mode is recommended in most cases.


     If you use ultra-high sensitivity headphones such as earbuds, you may hear a slight noise. Don't worry, Silver Fox has 3 low gain modes for you to choose from. You can choose one of the low resistance 1-3 modes and the noise will be eliminated.







3: Performance parameters:

Power: 15W (30 Ω BTL, distortion 0.02%)

Frequency response: 20-20KHz (0.2db)

Net Weight: 6.9kg

GRoss Weight: 8.1kg




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