. .Founded in 2011 by experienced audio engineers,Cen.grand Digital Media Technology Co.,Ltd. specializes in the design and production of hifi equipment. We aim to continue our legacy of producing audiovisual products that adapt to the needs and desires of an evolving market. As a company with wide success in the Chinese market, we hope to expend our reach to global market in the coming years.

. .Currently, our catalog consists of audio products including, but not limited to, DACs, headphone amplifier, and digital media players.

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9i-806 “Little Silver Fox" headphone Amp

9i-806 "Little Silver Fox" headphone Amp is simplified version of 9i-906 :Silver Fosx". Most Advantages of 9i-906 have been preserved but the price is lower than it. Very good value for money.

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DSDAC 1.0 (deluxe model)

. DSDAC 1.0 deluxe model is a new product which was developed on the basis of the standard model by optimizing the clock system and making major modifications to the circuit. It is different from the ordinary DAC. Its high-precision DSD frequency raising algorithm solves the playback problem of dsd64 perfectly. . The synchronous direct clock technology enables the built-in femtosecond clock to be transmitted to the shift register directly without any process, so that the femtosecond performance can directly improve the analog signal quality. The clock blocking technology can isolates the clock of pre-device completely , so that the clock of the pre-device no longer becomes a factor affecting the sound quality.

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DSDAC 1.0 (standard model / Super clock model)

. DSDAC1.0 is a high-performance audio DAC based on DSD theory. It is completely different from ordinary DAC because it has many original technologies. It does not use conventional chips for DA conversion but FPGA and discrete components for digital processing . . DSDAC1.0 can increase the frequency of all input data including PCM or dsd64 to dsd1024. If the input data is higher than the dsd128, you can also output it directly without increasing. DSD frequency raising algorithm is a very complex mathematical process, DSDAC1.0 did a good job. . One year after the standard model was launched,the super clock model was launched. Performance is futher improved

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9i-92SA III(Third Generation) DAC/headphone Amp/Pre Amp

. .Due to success of 9i-92SA " golden thrush" second and first generation the third generation was born. but it's DAC chip was changed from AK4497 to ESS9038Pro . . .As a general rule the performance of ESS DAC chip is highly analytical and dynamic but it's sound is a little hard, so there are many special adjustment have applied to the third Generation and got good effort . . .It already has many users and has very good comments. It has strong competitiveness

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9i-90SA Pro (“Lark” second Generation )DAC/headphone Amp/Pre Amp

. .9i-90SA Pro ("Lark" second Generation )DAC/headphone Amp/Pre Amp, It is a low-priced product and carries some high-level audio technology and practical functions. Although it is cheap but its audio performance is close to that of high end products. It is good choice for most Junior enthusiast.

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9i-906 "Silver Fox" Headphone Amplifier

. The 9i-906 headphone amplifier is nicknamed the "Silver Fox". Its purpose is to drive "monster" headphones. The circuit structure is derived from a high performance power amplifiers. After many redesigns and adjustments, the "Silver Fox" has finally become an excellent headphone amplifier. It not only has the advantage of high analysis, but also features high density and neutrality. The sound is musical. It has outstanding driving performance and can drive low sensitivity headphones. It is one of the best in its class. . . . Whether high or low sensitivity, high or low impedance, moving coil headphones or flat panel headphones, the "Silver Fox" is able to match them all with its superb driving ability and quality. Compared to ordinary headphone amplifiers, the Silver Fox allows headphones to fully reveal their characteristics.

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Audio technology is an interdisciplinary technology which is closely related to many fields such as electroacoustics, materials, machinery, communications, especially art. It looks simple but contains many complex theories.

We will publish some articles here. Some are original and some are quoted. We hope to give readers some enlightenment in order to get a deeper understanding of the audio.

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This column mainly repost products reviews. We will select some objective reviews posts here.

Rational and pragmatic introduction will help users to understand the products in more detail

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9i-92SA III "golden thrush" is very complex design ! hope it has good sales!

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