Shenzhen Cen.grand Digital Media Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to the development and manufacture of high-end digital media equipment. The company was founded by senior audio designers in China. We have rich experience and successful products in the HiFi audio field. In the past eight years, the company has developed many classic products which performed excellently. The brand becomes well-known rapidly in the HiFi audio and high-definition video field.
       At present, our product series covers HiFi audio and high definition video. HiFi product series includes: media players, audio DAC , desktop audio and power amplifiers. HiFi products are our strengths and the foundation of our brand. High-end media player products have won the market and reputation for us. 

9i-92SA DAC/headphone Amp/Pre Amp

..........9i-92SA "Golden Thrush" DAC / Headphone Amplifier / Pre-amp is a follow-up to the 9i-90SA "Lark". It is excellent both in performance and function. Its research and development lasted for half a year and made its debut at the Guangzhou International Audio Exhibition in 2018. ............This product has a high positioning. According to our plan, it is in the middle and high position of the desktop product series. Therefore, we have invested more resources in planning and design. The USB part is equipped with the most advanced solution, and the analog circuit is also carried out. Carefully designed to achieve a high level of performance.

9i-90SA DAC/headphone Amp/Pre Amp

. 9i-90SA "Lark" DAC/headphone amplifier/preamplifier is the first product of Cen.grand to enter the headphone market. This low-priced product, priced at RMB3080, carries high-level audio technology and numerous functions. It has won a lot of praise since it came into the market.

9i-AD"Black Gold Ultimate Model"

. The 9i-AD series media player adopts the US Marvell's 88DE3010 Blu-ray solution as the main control and has high-definition video function. Because of the marvell qdeo technology, the video quality is very good, and it is in the leading position among similar products. In addition, because the internal high-end audio DSP is used and the multi-channel and dual-channel are independent, the audio performance is also very powerful. Cen.grand redesigned the chip clock architecture to give the DSP the ability to receive an external clock, the "independent audio dual clock" architecture, making the 88DE3010 a high-performance audio and video digital player solution. Cen.grand first proposed this architecture and achieved productization. In 2011, the first product 5i-A using this solution was launched.
2019 Siav Show ,Shanghai
ATC Speaker Shanghai Agent: Cen.grand Experience Store at LiYing Audio square
2018 AV Show, GuangZhou



       This column mainly introduces Cen.grand 's product evaluation. Some are user experience, some are the introduction of senior experts in the industry, as well as media articles. We will select some objective evaluation introductory posts here.
       Rational and pragmatic introduction will help users understand the product in more detail.

       Audio technology is an interdisciplinary technology. Its foundation is electronics, but it is closely related to many fields such as electroacoustics, materials, machinery, communications, especially art. The seemingly simple audio has too many secrets.
       We will publish some articles here. Some are original and some are quoted. We hope to give readers some enlightenment in order to get a deeper understanding of the sound.


9i-AD "Final Edition" won the "Silver Jubilee Award"


    At the Guangzhou International Audio Records Exhibition in 2018, Guangdong Radio and Television Station.

9i-92SA "Final Edition" won the "Silver Jubilee Award"


    At the Guangzhou International Audio Records Exhibition in 2018, Guangdong Radio and Television Station.

9i-92SA "Golden Thrush" starts selling


It will bring beautiful sounds to headphone users along with its younger brother:9i-90sa" Lark".

What new products will appear at the Shanghai Siav Expo in April?


Please pay attention to this exhibition..